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Santa Fe Online Therapy

Whether it’s simply for convenience or taking precautions for Covid, I offer online and teletherapy via either video or phone. In fact, I’ve been doing these types of sessions for years before the pandemic. They afford flexibility and ease of scheduling (no travel time) and also enables us to conduct therapy over large distance.

Clients report consistent significant results.

Many people actually find online therapy – or teletherapy – preferable and there are valid reasons why:

Convenience - You can do therapy from the privacy and comfort of your home. Or if you’re at work, you can close the door to your office and have a session without incurring any travel time. Or if you’re on vacation, at a remote location, snowed in, or don’t have access to transportation, you can still obtain the therapy you’re looking for.

Access - Not everyone lives close to a city that has therapists or, more importantly, the type of therapist that you determine is best for you. Online counseling allows you to choose from a therapist anywhere in the state where you reside.

Ease while struggling - Some persons who may be experiencing extreme anxiety, depression, PTSD, or shyness will find it easier to engage with a therapist over video from a location where they feel comfortable. As progress is made, the client may then decide to venture into the therapist’s office.

Preparation for Online Therapy in New Mexico

To ensure an optimal experience, it is important that the following preparations be taken:

Please be in a quiet, private, comfortable space free of interruption from pets, children, family members, or co-workers (if applicable).

Please turn off ringers and notifications on all devices so there are no distractions.

If using a phone or tablet, please find a stable location for it so you have your hands free.

Please ensure that you have a reliable internet connection free from dropouts or freezing up.

Please know that our video or phone session are not recorded. All confidentiality protocols are strictly adhered to regardless of method of counseling.

Let’s get things working better for you!

Call me and we can get started.

Online therapy/teletherapy for anxiety, depression, PTSD, panic disorder, gay and lesbian counseling for Santa Fe, Tesuque, Los Alamos, Rio Rancho, Corrales, Albuquerque, and the rest of New Mexico.

Depression Therapy, Panic & Anxiety Treatment

Negative and fearful thoughts. Anxious emotional responses. Don’t let these things steal from your life any longer.

Couples Counseling

You know how everyone tells you that the beginning of your relationship was just a "honeymoon phase?" That eventually it goes away, there’s nothing you can do about it and, in reality, prepare to be disappointed and barely happy for the rest of your life?

LGBTQ Counseling

Let’s get right to it: sexuality and sexual orientation have the potential to be serious hot buttons. It’s not always comfortable to discuss them. And often not with people close to us.

PTSD & Trauma

When it comes to PTSD treatment, trauma therapy, and sexual abuse treatment, conventional counseling wisdom says you have to painstakingly "process" (or somehow relive your trauma) in order to heal. I disagree. Let me show you an easier way…

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