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...also gay couples counseling and gay marriage counseling.

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Sexuality and sexual orientation have the potential to be serious hot buttons.

It’s not always comfortable to discuss them.

And often not with people close to us.

I’d be happy to help you on your path.
No matter

where you are on your path of self identification, you have concerns

  • You may be completely closeted
  • You may be struggling to come out
  • You may be in a heterosexual relationship
  • Or you may be married, with or without children
  • I'm unsure of my sexual orientation
  • I'm having a tough time reconciling my culture with my sexual identity
  • There is a conflict between who I want to be / who I am and prior religious teachings
  • I'm afraid of being judged or criticized if people knew about me
  • I'm judging myself negatively
  • I'm struggling with the coming out process
  • Living fully as a gay man or lesbian has challenges
  • I'm experiencing depression, anxiety, anger, relationship issues, work issues, or addiction because of my sexual identity
  • I've experienced prejudice, discrimination, or homophobia and need to process it
  • My sexuality is creating pain and distance within my family
  • I'm not sure how to tell a friend or loved one that I am gay
  • The life I want to live is in conflict with my upbringing
  • And for friends of LGBTQ: I'm not sure how to deal with a friend or loved one who told me they are gay
For what may be the first time ever, you can feel safe discussing these topics — and more — in a confidential, comfortable, supportive, judgement-fee environment.

I will help you find the inner resources and strength you are needing and we will work together toward your happier, healthier future.

Counseling for gay men or lesbians, gay couples counseling, LGBTQ counseling and LGBTQ couples counseling, lesbian couples counseling, married and bi-sexual, and gay coming out therapy.

Let’s get you connected with who you really are!

Call me and we can get started.

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