Are you stuck thinking...

  • "I just want to be happy."
  • "Things aren't good but it's too hard to change."
  • "My life is a dogpile clusterfuck goat rodeo!"
  • And all this is on a good day??
  • Well then, keep reading.
Would you
love to...

Be free from the gloomy weight of troubling thoughts and emotions?


Stop nervously suffering, being afraid nothing's going to go the way you want?


Eliminate exasperating stuckness, and past traumas or painful experiences?


Not be worrying about everything around you, holding on for dear life?

All while

Experience your mind clear, calm, and focused!


Start that new business, end a relationship, ask for what you want!


Follow your dreams, and not feel guilty or afraid!


Enjoy life, work, and relationships that are more dynamic and gratifying for you and everyone involved!

Then we're on the same page.
Meet Randel Porter Psycho Therapist

Hi, I'm Randel Porter

A counselor and therapist
in Santa Fe.

People come to me to make significant, lasting improvements in their life.

We all feel stuck in our minds sometimes.

Trapped in an infinity loop of thoughts, feelings, or behaviors that we wish would just go away.

Yet, they don’t.

When you go to a therapist, they usually toss around labels like anxiety - depression - shame - PTSD - guilt - anger (and more).

But what if you don’t actually “have” those things?

Instead, let’s say there is simply a “glitch” in the way your mind interprets the world; a programming error that misreads incoming words and actions — as well as stored memories of past events.

Wow. This sounds different!


Instead of relying on outdated therapy methods, we will rewrite the code that causes your uncomfortable "data read errors" in the first place.

Clear and Present

It’s time to put that skip back in your step and say goodbye to all those distracting messages from the past that offer no value to your present day.


With this new internal programming, your mind becomes free to happily entertain the thoughts and feelings that bring you JOY.

Easy Peasy

My approach is like installing an "easy button" in your brain. A paradigm switch that affords you the power and opportunity to live your proverbial "dream life".

We can be very effective with

Anxiety / Panic / Phobias
PTSD/Sexual Abuse / Child Abuse
Grief / Loss / Heartbreak
Anger / Resentment
Guilt / Shame
Self-doubt / Self-conciousness
Pain Management / Psychosomatic Issues

For more information on my approach…

Depression Therapy, Panic & Anxiety Treatment

Negative and fearful thoughts. Anxious emotional responses. Don’t let these things steal from your life any longer.

Couples Counseling

You know how everyone tells you that the beginning of your relationship was just a "honeymoon phase?" That eventually it goes away, there’s nothing you can do about it and, in reality, prepare to be disappointed and barely happy for the rest of your life?

LGBTQ Counseling

Let’s get right to it: sexuality and sexual orientation have the potential to be serious hot buttons. It’s not always comfortable to discuss them. And often not with people close to us.

PTSD & Trauma

When it comes to PTSD treatment, trauma therapy, and sexual abuse treatment, conventional counseling wisdom says you have to painstakingly "process" (or somehow relive your trauma) in order to heal. I disagree. Let me show you an easier way…

Warningmy clients have reported
  • More enjoyment from living life in the present moment.
  • Unexpected smiling.
  • Past traumas and rumination brought to light and cleared.
  • Happily and easily doing things for their benefit and pleasure.
  • Negative emotions replaced with energy, focus, and peace.
  • Self-destructive behavioral patterns vanished.
  • Longstanding stuckness and internal conflicts resolved.
  • Increased positive self talk/inner dialogue.
No more dogpile clusterfuck goat rodeo!
Sound Good?

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518 Old Santa Fe Trail Suite 1
Santa Fe, NM 87505

I've saved you a seat.

Contact Randel Today

You rock! You are an amazing gift to the people that get to work with you. Your approach and your style are truly transformative. You are an artist and master at your craft.

Thanks Randel for an amazing life changing 2 sessions!!! Your sessions did require total concentration which is fantastic. We covered a lot in 2 visits!! Thanks is insufficient, but thanks, thanks again!!!!!!

Things have actually been going really really well. My wife said – you’re hitting on all cylinders. That one hour we met turned out to be a big deal. The single most important hour that I spent.

I’ve never been led like that before from any counselor or psychiatrist. How are you able to do that?

Thank you for helping me save my life:) I feel so happy and at peace. More than ever before. It feels effortless. And incredibly joyful. Thank you for what you do!

It feels like a new gigantic space just opened up of goodness and safety and love and joy. It’s the easiest session I’ve ever done. You did all the work. I didn’t have to do anything.

What you’ve been able to accomplish in just a few sessions has been astronomical.

I got more from you in that 20 minute consultation call then I got from everybody together in the previous 20 years.

I have dramatically altered my happiness and ability to be free to live a life I want because of your help. I will forever be grateful.